Susan Joyce Proctor, DAy, MBA

Susan Joyce Proctor is a wellness entrepreneur, Ayurvedic Practitioner, speaker, cannabis educator and retreat leader, whose passion is supporting other women on their own journeys toward optimal wellbeing, fulfillment and self-expression.

In the face of a personal history with hormone and weight challenges, Susan has created an exquisitely balancing, pleasure-based wellness lifestyle, and a deliciously healing relationship with food. Her specialty is guiding 50+ women to "get their juicy back" after menopause, as well as supporting women under 50 through a smooth mid-life transition.

With an earlier career as a bank VP, Susan has been  actively participating in the wellness revolution for almost 30 years. She holds professional certifications in Ayurvedic Medicine & Nutrition, NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), Clinical Hypnotherapy, Management of Menopause Type, and Eat Right 4 Your Type blood type science.

Susan has integrated these powerful disciplines with her own  spiritual work to develop a powerful model for true balance, and for alignment with our highest nature. She has practiced yoga and meditation since 1987, and regularly seeks the guidance of the Tarot. She truly embraces the wellness and plant wisdom she shares with others, and as one client has observed, "Susan doesn't only walk her talk, she celebrates it!"

An inspiring speaker and facilitator, Susan currently serves as Wellness Curator for HipSilver, an ecommerce lifestyle website serving the Silver Generation. She has also, in collaboration with Extract Collective, become one of the principals of Women's Cannabis Retreats, which has already produced two very successful and transformational women's cannabis events in Florida in 2019.

Among many other roles, she has spoken and led programs throughout the US and Australia, lectured about alternative medicine with Dr. Memet Oz at the United Nations, and taught Ayurvedic Medicine as Adjunct Professor at Everglades University.

A native New Yorker, Susan also had the wonderful opportunity to reside for several years in Melbourne, Australia, and is now based in and loving Delray Beach, FL.

Susan offers private and group programs, workshops, trainings, retreats and special events.

An dynamic speaker and trainer, Susan has inspired audiences throughout the US and Australia.

Susan's first published book is available on Kindle for immediate download.

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