Discover Your “Ideal Cuisine”!

The “D word” (diet) was banished from my vocabulary a long time ago. A diet has the connotation of limitation, and let’s face it, no one really wants that. But without some form of structure, people don’t seem to know what to eat. If left to eat “whatever we want,” it’s assumed that we’ll gravitate to stuff that isn’t good for us. So where else can we look for guidance, if not a diet? My answer is, our Ideal Cuisine.

I initially came up with the term Ideal Cuisine as an alternative to the D word. But what I’m talking about has a much broader meaning, and offers the potential for deep nourishment, fulfillment and pleasure.

What I mean by Ideal Cuisine is unique for each person. It’s based on some universal principles, but it focuses on the foods that we like that are also good for us. And while I encourage everyone to explore on their own what that looks like, I can also provide some very useful guidelines for figuring it out.

In terms of the universal principles, I’m emphasizing the foods that are the healthiest and help us balance our hormones. These are basically clean protein, healthy fats (yes, fats!), and vegetables.

And in terms of the specifics, one of my most important guidelines is your blood type. As I’ve been sharing for many years, this is an excellent place to start if you want to know how different foods affect your specific physiology, including digestion, metabolism, immunity, etc.  (If you want to learn more about yours, my Kindle book, The Gourmet Wellness Guide to Healthy Weight Loss for Your Blood Type, has all the specifics.)

Another set of guidelines that I find invaluable is your constitutional type. This is based on Ayurvedic Medicine, and provides an understanding of how to balance and optimize your personal energy systems. For example, people are often either too warm or too cold; or either too heavy or not grounded enough; or can have either strong or weak digestion. Your Ideal Cuisine will allow you to find the balance that’s right for you, and as a Certified Practitioner of Ayurveda, I have been guiding people in benefiting from these principles since 1992.

Finally, your personal preferences really count! Some people choose to be vegetarian or vegan, or emphasize raw foods. Others really do thrive on more protein, including meat. We all have foods that turn us off (like my aversion to bananas, which is quite extreme), and others that help us feel what I call “yummed.” Your true Ideal Cuisine will nourish you deeply on all levels.

And a great thing about knowing your Ideal Cuisine is that you take it with you wherever you go! When I moved to Australia, many of the foods there were different from what I was used to in New York. But knowing my Ideal Cuisine, I was able to easily create an Australian version. (Without it, I probably would have defaulted to much less healthy and satisfying options.)

Want to discover your Ideal Cuisine? I’d be happy to be part of the exploration!

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