This Susan's introductory program, and a great way to experience the benefits of her proprietary Get Your Juicy Back wellness model, which is completely customized for you based on your constitutional type, blood type, health & hormone picture, and your lifestyle. If you want know how to eat and live your most vital and enjoyable life, here are the outcomes that you can expect:

  • solving the mysteries of exactly what to eat and how to live, to be your healthiest and most satisfied
  • hormone balance & restoral
  • metabolic enhancement & body fat reduction
  • restful sleep
  • improved digestion & reduction of various symptoms
  • effective, targeted stress reduction
  • enhanced energy and immunity
  • preventing premature aging
  • a holistic that honors your bodymind intelligence
  • a plan to live your juiciest life into maturity

This program includes three in-depth sessions (90 minutes each). You can expect a thorough and illuminating intake of all your wellness issues and receive:

  • a thorough intake that illuminates the underlying causes of the wellness & lifestyle issues that you may be experiencing
  • an Ayurvedic constitutional assessment
  • Susan's e-book for your specific blood type: The Owner's Manual For Your Make and Model
  • a Plan of Care designed especially for you, with all the personal nutritional, lifestyle and remedy recommendations to balance your issues and create your best life
  • shopping lists, menu plans, recipes and dining guides
  • unlimited email support


  • For individuals: $750 (includes the 3 sessions described above)
  • For couples:
    • $1,250 (the complete program for both partners, 5 total sessions), or
    • $1,100 (the complete program for both partners, 4 total sessions)


"Wow,  just wow!!! I have been working with Susan on naturally balancing my hormones and healing new layers of my relationship with food, my body, my womanhood -- all profound aspects of my purpose here on this planet. Susan has been incredible!!! She is sooo warm, inspiring, intuitive, and incredibly wise in so many areas of healing, especially when it comes to Ayurveda, hormones, herbs, blood types, food, NeuroLinguistic Programming, astrology, archetypes, and more! She's a unique and exquisite woman with a lot of gifts to share! So grateful the universe led me to her, and I can't wait to see what more unfolds on our path of working together. It's hard to put my experience into words... you just gotta experience her yourself!"

Aura Lila Shakti, Certified Yoga Teacher, FL