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Susan offers a road map, strategies and solutions that you will honestly find nowhere else. Integrating Ayurvedic Medicine with the most advanced findings in holistic nutrition, weight management, hormone balance and rejuvenation, she exquisitely tailors her work to the specific needs of each client.

Your experience can include: advanced holistic wellness coaching for optimal health and targeted prevention; Ayurvedic constitutional assessments and recommendations; natural hormone balance and restoral, before/during/after menopause; Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) processes; Clinical Hypnotherapy; Applied Kinesiology; Tarot readings; the Vedic wisdom of yoga, astrology and Tantra; and all the experience and insight of this deeply caring and committed practitioner.


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Your Gourmet Wellness Nutrition & Lifestyle Plan

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Soup to Nuts: the Gourmet Approach to Wellness!


Getting to Joy: Transforming Your Relationship with Food

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