Are you a woman who knows she wants to "eat better" but doesn't know exactly how?

Could you use some help organizing your kitchen to make healthy delicious eating much easier?

Would you benefit from a system and support so that all of this is completely streamlined for you?


Here it is!!! Soup to Nuts is the personalized plan for exactly what to buy, cook and eat to:

  • optimize your wellbeing with exactly the right foods for you
  • reach and maintain ideal weight
  • maintain balanced hormones
  • and even prevent/reverse premature aging!

This unique program will be completely customized for you and will provide:

  • An in-depth assessment of you and your goals
  • Detailed recommendations of your best/worst food options
  • Your personalized "Food Quadrants," the roadmap for your own ideal food choices
  • Shopping lists, organized by food group
  • Menu plans, including breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks
  • Recipes, based on your own Food Quadrants
  • A Dining Guide¬†to help navigate the world of restaurants
  • Strategies for delicious, healthy, easy eating that fits your lifestyle

So many women have been asking for more specific and detailed support in figuring out and organizing exactly what and how to eat for their optimal wellbeing. Fortunately, Susan is a foodie who has been developing this info and these recipes for years, and is so excited to share them with you! (And yes, both soup and nuts are important components in this program....)

Your Soup to Nuts plan will be specifically customized for:

  • your blood type
  • your weight goals
  • your hormone and health issues
  • your Ayurvedic constitution and imbalances
  • your "Protein Ladder" choices
  • the foods you love to eat
  • the way you live



This program includes three 90-minute sessions, with an investment of $750.

Additional support (shopping trips, kitchen clean-out, cooking lessons, family member inclusion) is also available.