Susan Joyce Proctor, DAy, MBA, is a dynamic speaker and trainer with over 30 years' experience inspiring audiences throughout the US and Australia. As an Ayurvedic Practitioner and  Women’s Wellness Specialist, she shares a proprietary healing model that optimizes the potential for women’s balance, vitality and leadership in the 21st century.

Susan is passionate about supporting other women in aligning with their full power through hormonal and constitutional balance, and specializes in helping women over 50 "get their juicy back." Her knowledge in this field is quite unique and terrifically empowering. And her personal perspective, with visible results and long term success, makes her an example that others will want to follow.

She has presented to organizations that include Fortune 500 corporations, the Pentagon, the United Nations Women's Health NGO, private groups and associations, on radio and cable TV, as an Adunct University Professor, and as a co-host of an internet TV show.

With an earlier career as a bank VP, Susan has been  actively participating in the wellness revolution for almost 30 years. She holds professional certifications in Ayurvedic Medicine & Nutrition, NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), Clinical Hypnotherapy, Management of Menopause Type, and Eat Right 4 Your Type blood type science. As the founder and CEO of Get Your Juicy Back, she is actively engaged in sharing her exciting vision for women's wellness, and collaborating with other companies who share it. Currently, she is the Wellness Curator for HipSilver, as well as a principal of Women's Cannabis Retreats.

Susan is available for workshops and seminars, conferences and keynotes, speaking engagements, telesummits and media appearances. To book Susan as a speaker, and for more information, please email her at



Susan's most popular topics include:

  • How to Have Happy Hormones
  • "Getting Your Juicy Back" After Menopause
  • The Real Truth About Eating Fat & Getting Thin!
  • Wellness Solutions for Baby Boomer Women
  • What Every Woman Needs to Know About the Legal Benefits of Cannabis