"Wow,  just wow!!! I have been working with Susan on naturally balancing my hormones and healing new layers of my relationship with food, my body, my womanhood -- all profound aspects of my purpose here on this planet. Susan has been incredible!!! She is sooo warm, inspiring, intuitive, and incredibly wise in so many areas of healing, especially when it comes to Ayurveda, hormones, herbs, blood types, food, NeuroLinguistic Programming, astrology, archetypes, and more! She's a unique and exquisite woman with a lot of gifts to share! So grateful the universe led me to her, and I can't wait to see what more unfolds on our path of working together. It's hard to put my experience into words... you just gotta experience her yourself!"

Aura Lila Shakti, Certified Yoga Teacher, FL

"Our weekly food coaching sessions have transformed my relationship with food so profoundly that my whole life is shifting with it.  Your gentle voice over the phone and your intuition are reason enough to look forward to our exchanges. I am impressed with your detailed and vast knowledge of nutrition, and your encouragement to listen to my body first and foremost. I am so glad I attended one of your women’s gatherings, and trusted that I could approach you for help. You have done this and beyond. I cherish the work you do, and you for doing it.You are an important practitioner in their field, one that should not be missed."  

Stephanie D, Artist, NYC

"It’s unbelievable the difference it has already made to stay away from sugar and flour.  I’ve gone for spells without these in the past and felt better for it, but couldn’t sustain it as I didn’t have enough knowledge about my metabolism and about what to substitute for these foods and how. I’m really noticing how cold dry foods leave me feeling ‘cold’ and unsatisfied too. That’s something I’ve been aware of in the past, but I didn’t understand why it was so...  I’m finding my energy levels are stabilising quite a lot and I’m more grounded."

Sandra K, Astrologer, Melbourne, Australia

"Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge about Ayurveda and blood type science.  I learned and implemented new ideas to fine-tune my nutrition and lifestyle choices for greater wellness and hormone balance.  You are an exemplary speaker, you express your thoughts concisely with ease and grace and humor.  I thoroughly enjoyed our time together and would recommend this course to every woman interested in self renewal."

Dr. Mary Holtz, Acupuncture Physician, Palm City, FL


It has been my great pleasure to study under Susan Joyce Proctor. Her expertise in the field of wellness has helped me tremendously. I have suffered for years with systemic illness. Her deep Ayurvedic insights PLUS alternative medicine knowledge has been an enormous help in balancing my condition. Ms Proctor's guidance with hormones, diet, and precise lifestyle changes tailored for my body- made me far more comfortable and healthy in my own skin. The greatest point I can make  on behalf of Ms Proctor is that she has lived the course of problems a woman may bare, and lovingly reveals  great solutions from the depths of her experience."

Diva Jones, Opera Singer, NYC

 “Susan's wealth of knowledge along with her ability to share the information in a passionate and eye-opening way has been a timely gift to me. After spending the past few years navigating some health challenges, I was left confused about how to get my nutritional wellness back on track. I approached Susan to help me craft a strategy that was in alignment with my renewed vision of being healthy and fit. Our work together has allowed me to stop judging everything I eat and reconnect with my intuitive nutritional voice. All the 'societal rules' that had immobilized me have fallen away, and meal time decision making has become simplified. Eating is now a joyful experience for both my body and my spirit!”

Kathie N, Life Coach, CT

 “Susan Joyce has a passion for health and food that is contagious. She is a gifted foodie and knows how to make healthy eating a fun, delicious experience. She knows how to bring out the best out in her clients with her thorough understanding of the feminine psyche and body issues.”

Mary Liz Murphy, Certified Holistic Practitioner, NYC